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1. Soup (Harira)£3.95Traditional Moroccan soup served with pitta bread
2. Falafel£4.95Vegetable pattie with chickpeas, parsley, onion, served with salad yoghurt sauce
3. Humus£4.95A dip of mashed chickpeas and tahini with lemon and garlic served with pitta bread
4. Shakshouka£4.95Cooked aubergine with olive oil and served with pitta bread and hummus
5. Zaalouk£4.95Peppers, garlic, olive oil with pitta bread and hummus
6. Goat Cheese in Fillo Pastry£5.95Goat cheese cinnamon, parsley, mint in fillo pastry and hummus
7. Chicken Skewers£5.95Marinated chicken with salad and hummus
8. Bourak£4.95Cooked mince meat, egg paprika, cumin in fillo pastry and hummus
9. Lamb Skewers£5.95Marinated lamb served with salad hummus
10. Prawn£5.95Cooked with cream and sun dried tomato
Main Course
11. Lamb Tangine£13.50With apricot and prunes
12. Lamb Tangine£13.50With peas, lemon, potato and artichoke
13. Tagine Meatballs£10.50Cooked in tomato sauce
14. Moroccan Chicken£11.95With apricot and orange
15. Chicken with Olives & Carrot£11.95
16. Cod Fish Tagine£12.50With chermoula sauce
17. Salmon£12.95Cooked with sundried tomato and cream
18. Moroccan Vegetable Tagine£10.95Served with rice or couscous
19. Ratatouile£10.95Aubergine, peppers, courgettes and mushrooms cooked in tomato sauce served with rice
21. Couscous Vegetarian£10.95
22. Couscous au Poulet£12.00Chicken couscous with chickpeas and vegetables
23. Couscous de Viande£13.00Lamb couscous with chickpeas and vegetable
24. Couscous Royale£14.95Chicken and lamb couscous with chickepeas and vegetables
25. Grilled Chicken£11.95Marinated chicken breast with dauphinoise potato and mushroom sauce
26. Tagine Mechoui£14.95Chicken breast lamb skewers with dauphinoise potato and mushroom sauce
Side Dishes
30. Couscous£2.50
31. Rice£2.00
32. Pitta£2.00
33. Gratin Dauphinois£2.50
34. Chips£2.50
35. Mix Salad£2.00
Healthy Smoothie
36. Yellow Smoothie£3.50Fresh orange juice, greek yoghurt, pineapple, mango, banana and fresh ginger
37. Orange Smoothie£3.50Fresh orange juice, greek yoghurt and carrot
38. Red Smoothie£3.50Strawberry, milk, almonds and raspberry
Hot Drinks
42. Espresso£2.00
43. Cappuccino£2.50
44. English Tea£1.95
45. Moroccan Mint Tea£3.50
46. Fresh Orange Juice£2.95
47. Apple Juice£2.50
48. Soft Drinks£2.50More
49. Still Water£1.50
50. Sparkling Water£1.50